The following are the major research works based on CMB-Bharat initiative:

  • B-mode forecast of CMB-Bharat [arXiv:2110.12362 [astro-ph.CO]

The quest for the CMB polarization B-mode signals, generated by inflationary gravitational waves in the very early universe, is one of the key scientific goals of its experimental design. This work studies the potential of the proposed ECHO instrumental configuration to detect the target tensor-to-scalar ratio r ∼ $10−3$ at 3σ significance level, which covers the predictions of a large class of inflationary models.

This figure depicts the root mean square (r.m.s) fluctuations associated with the synchrotron, dust and the CMB B-mode signal.

  • Optimal Range of Frequency for Thermal Dust Removal in ECHO [arXiv:2212.02869 [astro-ph.CO]]

In this work, we closely re-examine the utility of the high frequency ECHO bands using the Needlet Internal Linear Combination(NILC) component separation method. We consider three dust models; a dust SED with single modified black body(MBB) emission law, a physical dust model and a multilayer dust model with frequency-frequency decorrelation. We find that the ECHO bands in the range of 220-390 GHz are most crucial for effective dust removal.

Left panel: The recovered r_{mp} values and their uncertainty with respect to the sky fraction. Right panel: The increase in the uncertainty, σ_{r} as the sky fraction is reduced.